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He traveled back to his native Haiti often

fort gordon investigates chaplain assistant for inappropriate tweets

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No. Fidgi, who passed away last week at age 47 after suffering a heart attack, never forgot where he came from. He traveled back to his native Haiti often, visiting family, friends, doing charity work and working with amputees who lost their legs during the terrible 2010 earthquake that claimed his father.

„Before this publication, there was only one fossil described and it was described as a gecko, but what was represented in that was only a piece of a tail and a leg, enough to tell you something but it was not very complete,“ he said. „When we started finding more animals in a better state of preservation, it was like a trip to the past that has allowed us to see things nobody has seen before. Everything that we kept finding was something new.“.

Troops first to England and later to France, sometimes operating in hospitals behind the lines and at other times in tents nearer the front. It had provided a similar service during World War I. In 1942, the medical school organized the Second General Hospital on the Washington Heights campus to treat soldiers and sailors who were sent home due to the severity of their wounds.

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