School of Professional and Continuing Studies

About us

The School of Professional and Continuing Studies (SPCS) to NBU offers various programmes and trainings, including vocational qualifications, courses, seminars, academies, summer schools, public lectures, academic and practical lectures oriented to all ages. 


Our goal is to constantly create and offer new opportunities for trainings and practice-oriented programmes, adhering to the Lifelong Learning principle.


Lifelong learning is the modern formulation of the idea that one learns throughout one's life.





SPCS offers trainings and events in a variety of directions and formats:

   - Professional qualification programmes
   - Advanced training courses
   - Practical workshops and academic seminars
   - Online trainings through the electronic training platform of SPCS - https://lll.nbu.bg/
   - IT Certification courses - https://cc.nbu.bg/ 

   - Management and Foreign Languages

   - Bulgarian for Foreigners

   - Summer Schools and Activities within the Summer University of NBU
   - Children's and Youth Academies
   - Master Classes for Leaders within the Sofia Business School
   - Francophone events
   - Public lectures

All of the above are organized and conducted in Centres within the structure of SPCS:

I.  Centre of Professional and Continuing Studies  (CPCS)
21 Montevideo, Blvd., Building II, Office 208,

Sofia, 1618, Bulgaria

Tel.:  02/ 8110 110 (option 6), 02/ 8110 108

E-mail:  uppo@nbu.bg


II.  Centre for development of pedagogical specialists (CDPS)

21 Montevideo, Blvd., Building II, Office 108

Sofia, 1618, Bulgaria

Tel.: 02/ 8110 380,  0884 026910

E-mail:  crps@nbu.bg


III.  Francophone Center for Academic Achievement (FCAA)

21 Montevideo, Blvd., Building II, Office 302

Sofia, 1618, Bulgaria

Tel.:  0884 251 971
E-mails: rkrestanova@nbu.bg





Management of SPCS:


Director of SPCS: Assist. Prof. Ekatherina Tzvetanova, PhD

Тел.:  02/ 8110 268
E-mail:  ecvetanova@nbu.bg
21 Montevideo, Blvd., Building II, Office 208,


SPCS Council

The SPCS Council approves the SPCS programmes and courses for professional qualification and selects the adjunct lecturers in them, monitoring the observance of the university's standards (programme scheme, conditions for acquiring professional qualification, etc.), and makes decisions related to the activity of SPCS, according to the Regulations on the Structure and Activity of NBU and the Regulations on its implementation.

  Assoc. Prof. Vencislav Djambazov, PhD
Members:  Assoc. Prof. Kristiqn Hadjiev, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Kristiqn Postagian, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Margarita Stankova, PhD, Assist. Prof. Dimitar Trandafilov, PhD, Assist. Prof. Radosveta Krastanova, PhD, Assist. Prof. Ekatherina Tzvetanova, PhD, Assist. Prof. Hristo Chukurliev, PhD,  Ivan Neikov.




For more information:

School of Professional and Continuing Education

New Bulgarian University, Building II, Office 208

21 Montevideo, Blvd.

Sofia, 1618, Bulgaria



Tel.: +3592/ 8110 110 (option 6)

E-mail: uppo@nbu.bg

Web: https://cpo.nbu.bg/