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Online Bulgarian Language For Foreigners


Enroll for the online Bulgarian language course!

Quick, easy and very convenient way of learning Bulgarian language with flexible online schedule at New Bulgarian University (NBU). 
The course offers group and individual study classes for foreigners - level A (A1.1 and A1.2.) 
With the help of leading qualified university lecturers, the students will master the specific characteristics of the Bulgarian grammar and pronunciation in native speaker environment. They will increase their linguistic competence by improving and enriching their communication skills. 
 Online Bulgarian language courses are for:
  • People from different countries who want to learn more about Bulgarian culture and language;
  • Foreigners who live in Bulgaria or intend to stay long-term in the country;
  • Foreigners who need to study Bulgarian for professional or personal reasons;
  • Children of immigrants or living abroad relatives of Bulgarians;
  • Everyone who is interested in learning Bulgarian language in authentic native speaker environment.
The course has practical and communicative approach that includes:
  • Intensive 75-study-hours;
  • Various communicative and situational exercises;
  • Speaking practice;
  • Individual consultations with lecturer;
  • Final test at the end of the course
  • Wide variety of audio, video and practical materials.

Starting date: to be announced - twice a week (evenings and weekends) at 6:30 p.m. 

The language studies are held in virtual classroom on the electronic educational platform, provided by the university.
Students obtain Language Proficiency Certificate of the respective completed level in Bulgarian language, issued by New Bulgarian University.

Tuition Fees:
1. Tuition fees for a group course:
  • Registration for Level A 1.1. (75 academic hours) – BGN 500
  • Registration for level A.1.1. and level A.1.2. (150 academic hours) at once – BGN 900
2. Tuition fees for individual course:
  • 1 study hour (45 min.)– BGN 24
  • Requires registration for minimum of 20 academic hours - BGN 480
New Bulgarian University offers Bulgarian language courses for different levels by the European language frame.

Registration in language groups higher than level A1 requires an entry test to determine the language level. Students who have successfully passed the course can enroll for a higher language level.
For registration and more information , please contact the School of Professional and Continuing Studies at NBU:
Email: uppo@nbu.bg
Phone numbers: +359 2 8110 110 (option 6)