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Students who successfully complete the "Teacher in..." program receive a Certificate of Professional Qualification.


The aim of the program is to develop professionally oriented attitudes towards teaching, to prepare students for teaching a specific subject, as well as for pedagogical communication with students, administrative leadership, colleagues, and parents.


The program is suitable for bachelor's and master's degree holders from various specialties who wish to develop professionally as teachers in the secondary education system.


The program includes the following modules:

  • General theoretical disciplines;
  • Practical-applied disciplines;
  • Elective courses;
  • Teaching practice in a school.


Interactive methods:

  • Work in small groups;
  • Practical exercises;


The program lasts for 2 semesters (1 academic year).


The lecturers are a team of qualified professors from NBU and practitioners from the school education system.

Tuition fee for the entire program (two semesters, 1 academic year): 1,800 BGN.

Tuition fee for one semester: 900 BGN.




"As a graduate of New Bulgarian University, I believe that in order for a person to acquire new skills and unfold their full potential, a favorable environment is necessary, and such an environment exists here. It is expressed in the professionalism of the teachers, their care, and their efforts to develop the potential of their students through an individual approach. The courses in the "Professional Qualification TEACHER in..." program are very well-structured, providing clear theoretical foundations, concepts, and practical orientation." - Boriana Yaneva


"I had the pleasure of studying in a professional qualification program "Teacher in..." at the School for Professional and Continuing Education at NBU, from October 2019 to June 2020.


The program was extremely practical, developing in me a professional attitude towards teaching. It prepared me for teaching biology, as well as for pedagogical communication with students, administrative leadership, colleagues, and parents.


I graduated from the program in June 2020, and I can say that I feel extremely motivated and prepared to succeed in the teaching field as a biology teacher.


I highly recommend the professional qualification program "Teacher in..." to anyone who wishes to continue their professional and personal development as a teacher and educator." - Adelina Savova






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