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Professional Class "Contemporary Practices in Photojournalism"

  Photograph by: Nikolay Doichinov


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By joining "Contemporary Practice in Photojournalism", participants will find themselves among people who are interested in working in documentary photography as a genre and want to develop their skills in storytelling through images. Within five weeks, each participant will acquire new knowledge in the field of contemporary multimedia journalism, will get acquainted with the current trends in its development and the challenges facing contemporary authors. Combining a serious theoretical background with intensive practical fieldwork will allow participants to acquire knowledge to work on both long-term projects and as freelance authors.


The focus of the course will be on the following topics:

  • How to find and explore topics we want to work on, how to secure access and how to prepare for filming;
  • Basic principles of working with professional photographic equipment and the means of expression it provides to us;
  • Artistic techniques in creating images and how to realize our idea through technical means;
  • The intersection between photography, journalism, and international rules (professional standards) and ethical norms that must be respected;
  • How to choose and arrange your images to tell an impactful story;
  • How to process our images in this way to amplify the message we want to convey;
  • How Photography Can Become Activism
  • How to finance our photographic dreams in Bulgaria;


The practical part of the course aims to:

  • Building skills for creating photographic content aimed at different platforms – online, social networks, exhibitions and photo books;
  • Basic habits for working with natural light without directing the subjects in the frame;
  • Building skills for fieldwork – orienting, positioning and creating the necessary images;
  • Building skills for post-production and photo editing

At the end of the training the students will make individual photo stories.



The students should have knowledge and/or skills:

  • Basic skills for working with photographic equipment;
  • Interest in visual arts;

To show interest in the surrounding environment and society, to have a desire to work on real stories from reality.


The course is suitable for people from a diverse range of experiences with an interest in photography and storytelling with images.


Date: Saturday and Sunday from 02 March to 13 April 2024.

Place: New Bulgarian University

Fee: 550 BGN.


The course will be held with a formed group of at least 8 people.

Two scholarships are awarded to disadvantaged students, students from minority groups, or high school students in grades 10-12. Details on the award procedure are coming soon.

Registration deadline: February 26, 2024.



  1. Download the form HERE.
  2. Fill it out and send it to: uppo@nbu.bg
  3. ADDITIONAL PAYMENT information will be provided.



Alexander Nikolov is a visual journalist and a TEDx speaker. He is the creator of a campaign in support of donation and a documentary multimedia story "The Last Gift of Humanity". He has received numerous awards such as the "Inspiring Story Award" - HEROES by Time Heroes (2022).

Enjoy some of the photos he shared:






Alexander Nikolov is a visual journalist and participant in TEDx. Creator of a campaign in support of donation and documentary multimedia history "The Last Gift of Man". Winner of a number of awards such as "Prize for Inspirational Story" – HEROES of Time Heroes (2022).

Enjoy some of the photos you shared:




Subject Plan


Class number Title of topic Teaching form Duration of auditorium usage Number of hours self-study.
  Documentary photography in a nutshell" - fundamental concepts and principles in photography. present 4 2-4
  Practice – skills to work with light color and composition present 4 2-4
  Professional and ethical norms – human and journalistic ethics in image creation present 4 2-4
  Practice – shooting a real event/history on the ground present 4 2-4
  Processing and post-production - tools for work and acceptable limits present 4 2-4
  Practice – postproduction of selected images present 4 2-4
  Current media formats and work on long-term projects present 4 2-4
  Individual meetings   4  
Total hours     32