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Understanding the customer




Understanding the customer



Students and guests will understand how the consideration of the customer's needs in the design / manufacture of a product is achieved in practice. Practical examples such as the Boeing 787 and 737 MAX will be discussed.



Lecturer: U.S. Commercial Attache Melissa Marszalek



Date: 18 May 2023, Thursday, from 14:40 to 16:10



Place: UNIART Gallery, NBU



About U.S. Commercial Attache Melissa Marszalek:


"Foreign Commercial Officer for the International Trade Association under the U.S. Department of Commerce supporting the growth of US-based businesses and Foreign Direct Investment within the U.S. Currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria with a focus in the SE European region.

Previous roles focused in multiple aspects of the Aerospace industry, globally and in the U.S. I am a proven innovation leader and business development professional with multiple successes in technology development, supply chain management and initiatives, and strategy creation and implementation.

I am skilled at building and managing multi-skilled teams to achieve completion of defined project work, recognizing needed changes to stay on course to meet overall goals, and leveraging multi-functional integration to create strategic direction. I encompass an enthusiastic and assertive nature to inspire teams and possess the ability to interface and communicate effectively with various government representative officials and levels of executive management."


Source: Pelsonal LinkedIn profile




1. U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria

2. School of Professional and Continuing Studies, NBU